nocochi bistro

Sunday night choir dinner took place at nocochi bistro in Montréal.

Salad enthusiasts.

Salad enthusiasts.

The long table.

Happy diners.

More eager anticipation.

Eager anticipation.

In the corner.

Corner pocket.

Zach and Elise. Sneaky.

Zach and Elise. Sneaky.

On the side...

On the side…

Dinner is served.

Dinner is served.


Dr. and Baby Buettner


St. Lawrence Choir Concert

After their own performance, the Middlebury College Choir attended a concert by the St. Lawrence Choir, one of the premiere choruses in Canada.

St. Lawrence Choir

St. Lawrence Choir

The concert was titled “Maria” and featured modern and Renaissance pieces on the theme of Mary. A highlight was “Ave Maria” by Paul Mealor, who recently gained fame for a piece he composed for the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton.

Midd students at St. Lawrence Choir concert

Midd students attend the St. Lawrence Choir concert at Église Saint-Pierre-Apôtre

Église Saint-Pierre-Apôtre

Interior of Église Saint-Pierre-Apôtre



Friendship Concert

The Middlebury College Choir embarked upon an international tour to Montréal, Quebec Saturday, March 23.


Bus entering Canada!

After a sleepy bus ride and a smooth passport check at the Canadian border, they arrived safely to their Rue Peel hotel, dropped their baggage, grabbed lunch and headed to Christ Church Cathedral, 635 Saint-Catherine for rehearsal with three other choirs, and on their own.


Christ Church Cathedral

The 4:30 PM concert opened with a massed choir piece under the direction of Middlebury College Choir Conductor, Jeffrey Buettner.


Middlebury College Choir performing, “Dieu! Qu’il la fait bon regarder” by Claude Debussy

Choirs Seraphim, The Chromatones, Siamsa Singers and Middlebury College Choir then performed their own repertoire, and Middlebury received a standing ovation for their performance of the Spiritual “Lord, If I Got My Ticket”, arr. Stacey Gibbs.